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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another enjoyable Expo in Bristol

Thanks to Mike Allwood, Phil Davis and the gang for yet another enjoyable Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo which took place this weekend. Weather was mostly good, the company was great, and the atmosphere was relaxing and friendly.

It's always good to have a break from the drawing board and catch up with old comic pals (some I've known now for 30 years!), meet new people, and do some sketches for the readers. (Thanks to all of you who dropped by for a drawing on Saturday afternoon.)

Here's a handful of photos from the event...

It's the Etherington Brothers! Yes, the creators of Monkey Nuts for The DFC and Yore! for The Dandy (amongst many other things) were at the Expo. I had no hesitation in buying the beautifully produced Monkey Nuts hardback. Recommended! Throw them some money and own one yourself!

The Small Press part of the Expo took place at the Mercure Hotel, just a very short walk from the Ramada where the "Mainstream" comics were. Above is a shot of one of the Mercure halls on Saturday.
Elephantmen creator Richard Starkings (on the right, with artist Boo Cook beside him) flew over from California again for the Expo. If you've never read Elephantmen give it a go, starting with Book One: Wounded Animals. It's a comic with a good heart, and deserves the praise and success it's received.
Over at the Ramada, Panini UK had a table to display their impressive range of trade paperbacks and graphic novels. Left to right here's Panini editors Simon Frith and Brady Webb with artist Adrian Salmon attending his first Bristol Expo.
Also present were Gary Millidge and Bryan Talbot. Bryan's Grandville Mon Amour is out now and is worth every penny (see the trailer here) and Alan Moore:Storyteller by Gary will be published in July. (I had a look through this preview copy and was very impressed. Gary's done his homework and there's lots of previously unseen images and info in there. A whacking great 320 page hardcover, and you can order it here.)

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