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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hunt Emerson's latest work

Most of you will be familiar with the work of Hunt Emerson, a master cartoonist equally at home drawing material for Fortean Times, Fiesta, The Beano, or his comic album adaptations of Lady Chatterley's Lover and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner for Knockabout... but did you know that he was also a musician?

Hunt's latest musical venture has been in association with the band Stately Homes of England to release the single Josephine. The song was written and sung by John Otway originally about 20 years ago when it was first released.

Personally I prefer this new version of Otway's classic. Sung by Hunt Emerson who is in fine voice here, Josephine is, as Hunt's website puts it "an epic tale of innocence lost set on a village green during traditional revels" and is "dripping with pagan passions".

The CD features eight tracks with a variety of mixes of the song and comes in a stunningly illustrated sleeve which also contains two art cards. You can also buy a version accompanied by four A3 prints all signed by Hunt. (His version of The Green Man of folklore looks fantastic.)

Want a taster of what's on the CD? Visit Hunt Emerson's website where you can listen to the short version of Josephine and then order your copy of the CD and the prints:


Harry Rickard said...

Very good, can't stop listening to it, Hunt has an amazing voice! :D

Steve said...

Hi Lew, Hunt's new work is great isn't it? I don't know how he still manages to get better whenever he finds a new project. Puts the rest of us to shame! I've posted up a few "old" rare/obscure cartoons from Hunt on my UG Comix Blog & a few from Oink! that I did on my other Blog.
All the Best! - Steve

Hunt Emerson said...

Thanks folks, and thanks Lew! You can see the YouTube version on

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