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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Martin Asbury for Bristol Comic Expo

As you may have already read on their Twitter feed, the Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo this morning confirmed that Martin Asbury will be making a rare appearance at the event next weekend (14th-15th May 2011).

One of the veteran artists of British comics, Martin Asbury is well known for his work on Look-In during the 1970s where he illustrated such strips as Kung Fu (above) and The Six Million Dollar Man (below, from the 23rd December 1978 issue).

During this period Martin also became the regular artist on Garth for the Daily Mirror after the untimely death of Frank Bellamy. He's also a storyboard artist, having produced boards for many movies including Chaplin, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Evita, and several James Bond films.

For more information on the artist (and the chance to purchase original artwork) you can visit his website at:

For full details of the Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo visit their website here:

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