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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Latest Dandy cover crushes PC cow pie myth

Whenever newspapers and the media run a story about Desperate Dan they often like to claim that he's been given a "politically correct makeover" and that he's no longer allowed to eat cow pies. This usually panders to their anti-liberal readers and keeps them buying their favourite newspaper, content that it provides them with a haven of common sense and acts as an anti-PC comfort blanket.

It's all nonsense of course. The worst example I recall was this one from the Daily Mail. Not only did it make the silly claim whilst illustrating it with a modern picture of Desperate Dan eating a cow pie (thus contradicting themselves), the paper contacted the daughter of Albert Barnes (The Dandy's original editor) and convinced her of their claim just to upset her for the sake of a few soundbites.

As the cover of this week's Dandy proves, (above), Desperate Dan still enjoys stuffing his face with cow pies.

This week's issue is packed with all-new fun strips as usual, and features the final Kid Cops strip for now. I'm taking a break to draw new Postman Prat strips so expect to see that character return sometime in the summer.

The Dandy No.3534. 32 full colour pages for £1.50.

1 comment:

Manic Man said...

I think I missed this rumour.. but it sounds simpler to the time the Beano 'Updated' Dennis to wearing a blue jacket and sunglasses..

everytime i went to the doctors, i loved to read the beano book they had (or maybe just Dennis). I featured the strip in question with some newspaper 'clippings' of the media reports and a little bit on it.. I wish i knew the name of the book cause it went missing and i have been interesting in getting a copy..

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