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Friday, May 06, 2011

Strip Magazine Issue Zero out next week

The Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo on 14th-15th May will see the launch of a special 16 page preview issue of Strip Magazine, the new UK adventure comic from Print Media Productions.

Editor John Freeman will be at the event where the promotional issue will be given away free to attendees. John will also be giving a talk about the new comic and Print Media's graphic album range (such as The Iron Moon, reviewed here recently) at 1.30pm on Sunday 15th May at the expo.

The 16 page preview gives readers a sample of the forthcoming strips such as Warpaint by Phil Hester and John McCrea, Black Ops Extreme by John Freeman and PJ Holden, and Age of Heroes by James Hudnall and John Ridgway. There's also a preview of forthcoming albums from the company.

Having seen a sneak preview of the strips I can vouch that they're all top quality and should appeal to all ages. Strip Magazine looks like it's shaping up to be exactly the sort of new adventure comic we need.

To follow the progress of the new comic, visit the Strip Magazine blog here:

For full details of the Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo visit their website here:


Adrian (the) Hood said...

Blimey!! (as they say) this looks just up my street. It might also be good for Toby when he gets too big for The Dandy (never happened to me and I notice you're in in this week).
Or is he reading too many comics...?
Er... of course not!!!!

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

When is the fist issue proper out - looking forward to this

Lew Stringer said...

It should be out in October, all being well. So not long to wait now!

Harry Rickard said...

This looks amazing! Would you recommend it Lew? Also any clue whether it'll be out in newsagents ever?

Lew Stringer said...

Hi Harry, Take a look at my recent blog posts where I've reviewed issue 1. It's not available in newsagents but you can buy it from comic shops such as Forbidden Planet.

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