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Monday, February 27, 2012

Action packed UK news stands in May

May 2012 will see Strip Magazine stretch its reach outside of comic shops and onto UK news stands as well, starting with issue 7, reports the official website. That's the presentation cover above, with the finalized cover and content likely to be a bit different.

"The initial plan for the title's new stand presence is to target a selected range of top high street stores, but not supermarkets at this time." said editor John Freeman.

In the very same month, CLiNT magazine will be relaunched to encourage UK shops to order more copies, with a new first issue numbered 2.1 including a batch of new stories such as The Secret Service by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, reports Comic Book Resources.

Shades of the old rivalry between IPC's Action and DC Thomson's Bullet, although in truth I'm sure that Strip and CLiNT see each other as complimentary titles that can happily coexist in the far different UK comic marketplace of today. (Besides, CLiNT is adults only whilst Strip Magazine is for all-ages.)

More details of these exciting revamps as more information becomes available.

There will also be another adventure comic on the stands by then. A new children's title based on a licensed property and featuring strip content originated in the UK. More on that soon as well!

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