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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Black Bob rescues time-traveling wrestler from well

Here's Nigel Parkinson's lively cover to The Dandy No.3572 which is out now. Celeb School has been running for a few weeks now but it's good to see it promoted on the cover, and with a great illustration too. Nigel is a master of celebrity caricatures and the fact that this strip is about kid versions of the celebs makes it even harder to capture likenesses. But Nigel has managed it with ease.

No doubt some readers will be dismayed that seven pages are taken up with a special advertising feature inside for Mario Party 9 but at least it's mainly reprint pages they replace. Anyway, advertising helps keep finances smooth for the publishers so the occasional promo like this does no harm.

It's another cracking issue and well worth a look if you haven't picked up a copy for a while. As well as plenty of funny stuff from Nigel Auchterlounie, Wayne Thompson, Jamie Smart and others there's the return of Black Bob! What? Yes, the Dandy Wonder Dog (and his master Andrew Glenn) make a guest appearance in the Nuke Noodle strip by Alexander Matthews - and it's brilliant!

The last time Black Bob appeared in a humour strip was years ago in One Menace and his Dog, once of the Beano library mini-comics. But this time it's twice as barmy. A few purists will no doubt hate it, but hopefully most comic enthusiasts will see the funny side. Not that it's entirely in-jokey as it also works for readers who have never heard of the clever collie. Worth the £1.99 cover price alone I reckon.

Also this week, Andy Fanton's new series Bad Grandad makes its debut. All good stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Apologies is this is beyond your ambit, Lew, but you seem a good source of knowledge.

I represent a small charity shop in the Scottish Highlands which just has received a donation of one edition of Lot o' Fun from November 1914 (with Patriotic Paul getting one over on the Bosch); and Illustrated Chips from December 1918. Both are in quite to very good condition, presumably being in a drawer or something for the best part of 10 decades.

We have little experience in pricing these things, so I'm wondering if you could give any pointers or suggest other collectors.

Lew Stringer said...

Hi Alec,

I don't really follow comic values I'm afraid but I suspect the comics you mention are reprint facsimiles from 1972. If so they're not worth so much as the originals. Perhaps a fiver each at most?

Check this old blog post I did on them to see if they're the ones you have:

Anonymous said...

What a disappointment! They both are there :?

alexander matthews said...

Thanks for post, Lew. You are too generous!

Bob said...

Even if they were originals they'd not be worth more than £20 each at the very most.

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