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Friday, August 01, 2014


Tip Top was an 8 page tabloid size comic published by The Amalgamated Press from 1934 to 1954. By the time of the issue shown here (September 23rd 1950) it only had a few years left, but the quality of strips was still high.

On the cover, Artie the Autograph Hunter was drawn by Albert Pease in an excellent and lively traditional UK comic style.

Inside the comic were the usual mixture of humour strips, adventure strips and prose stories. Here's one of the funnies, - The Happy Family, - drawn by Reg Parlett. Interestingly, Reg would later be commissioned to draw a different strip, The Harty Family, for TV Fun in 1957, - which was later reprinted in Buster and renamed as The Happy Family!

Kids with gimmicks proliferated in IPC's humour comics of the 1970s, but here's a precedent with Teddy Tring - Pops through Anything! The art style looks like Hugh McNeill to me, unless anyone knows differently?

On the back page, - the adventure strip Spies At Work enhanced by spot colour. I'm not sure who the artist of this one is. 

Like most A.P. comics of the time, Tip Top was starting to look dated by 1950, but it still delivered the goods regarding the quality of its contents.

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Hibernia Comics said...

Never heard of this Lew, But Foxwell Farm has me interested, its looks like an intriguing read. I think I will have to track down a few issues, Thanks for posting!

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