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Thursday, June 21, 2018

GOOF! Brand new comic out this Saturday!

There's an all-new humour anthology comic coming this Saturday and you don't even need to leave your house to buy it! Goof! is a brand new online comic featuring a variety of strips - 30 pages in all, - and a subscription means it'll only cost you a pound an issue.

If you did want to leave your house, you could come along to Macc-Pow! at Macclesfield Town Hall, where Goof! will be launched with many contributors in attendance. Here's the info from publisher Marc Jackson...

"This weekend sees the launch of GOOF! issue zero, it’s like issue one, but it comes just before it! Like a bonus issue! More comics, fantastic! Featuring a feast of funnies created by an international line-up of cartoonists, all coming together to create something unique. At just £12 for 12 30 page issues, you’d be crazy to not sign-up and if you sign-up in person at MACC-POW! this Saturday then you get it for just £10!! Holy WOW! Only a GOOF! could come up with that idea! Don’t miss out, make yours GOOF! This Saturday!"

Meet all these characters and more in Goof! No.0 this Saturday!

© Jim Boswell

© Joe Matthews

© Clara Soriano

© Fulton Beal

© Lew Stringer

...and here's the info about Macc-Pow! Go to for the full details...


James Golbey said...

Read the first Goof this morning and like it. My reservation is that it is one page a month and this seems like a very long time to wait for the next short instalment. However, it is a pound a month and Marc Jackson has assembled an incredible line-up so what the hey!

Lew Stringer said...

That's a fair point, James. I can only speak for my own strip but although Derek the Troll is a serial, each episode will be self contained, being a step along the way on his quest. I'm going to avoid cliffhangers for the most part, although later chapters might have some.

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