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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Commando comics out this week

Cover art: Ian Kennedy.
The latest info on the new Commando comics from D.C. Thomson. Yes, it's still being published with four issues every fortnight, and every other issue is a brand new story! 

5139: Home of Heroes: The Forlorn Hope
The Forlorn Hope was the name given to those who were placed on the front line in battle. The 45th Sherwood Foresters Regiment of Foot were among those who would advance on the sieged City of Badajoz. It would be one of the bloodiest battles in the Napoleonic Wars, but on they fought against French cannons and muskets, ready to take out the best of Napoleon’s men.

Manuel Benet’s stellar interior and cover art looks straight out of a scene from Sharpe, the dedication to regimental uniform astounding!

|Story | Andrew Knighton | Art | Manuel Benet | Cover | Manuel Benet |

5140: Gold Collection: Shooting Star
Rex Barton was used to action — both on and off the camera. A film star used for propaganda pictures, Rex had had enough and took to the skies in his own kite, desperate to take down any Jerries in his path — and he was dang good at it. But when the Nazis got their hands on Rex they decided to make their own propaganda piece. The only problem was that Rex wasn’t game to play ball…

Instantly recognisable, Gordon C Livingstone’s cover shines just as bright as Newark’s film star come RAF pilot hero.

|Story | Newark | Art | Gordon C Livingstone | Cover | Gordon C Livingstone |
Originally Commando No. 483 (June 1970). Reprinted No. 1404 (April 1980).

5141: Action and Adventure: Outfoxed!
In the last bitter days of the Second World War, many soldiers were happy to wait out the end in a sleepy prisoner of war camp in the Scottish Highlands — but not Gefreiter Fritz Schmitt. He wore the uniform and had the identity papers, but he did not act like a corporal, and he did not speak to any of the other Germans. No, his only ally was Military Police Sergeant Fred Foxley… but even he would balk when he found out what Schmitt had done in the Ardennes and why he must escape…  

Inspired by Cultybraggan in Scotland, Ian Kennedy brings the POW camp to life, the perfect backdrop for Watson’s adversaries, Police Sergeant McKay and MP Sergeant Foxley, to play out their battle of wits.

|Story | Colin Watson | Art | Morhain | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

5142: Silver Collection: High Risk Rescue
First World War Coastal Motor Boat skipper Lieutenant Frank Judge was no stranger to danger; CMBs had a top speed of forty knots and launched eighteen-inch torpedoes at enemy U-boats. But when Frank is assigned a mission to sneak ashore behind enemy lines and rescue missing naval Commander Richard Berry, he wishes he had just stayed at sea!

Ian Kennedy’s moody cover perfectly suits the vintage tone of Clark’s unique World War I naval issue.

|Story | Ian Clark | Art | Olivera | Cover | Ian Kennedy|
Originally Commando No. 2824 (January 1995).


Manic Man said...

Ah, the third siege of Badajoz... a major black mark on British history.. Wellington wasn't happy that we were given little support from parliament which lead to over 4,000 allies being killed trying to free the Spanish town from French control.. but what happened next was the real horror.. the surviving troops ransacked the houses of the civilians, drunk a lot of the alcohol, raped and murdered over 4,000 of the innocents, and killed many of the British officers that tried to get them under control..

Mike said...

Apropos of nothing, a moan:

"High Risk Rescue" not available in my area. Second missing issue this year.

I wrote a massive post here about the randomness of Commando distribution, then lost it, so you've been spared.

Lew Stringer said...

Sorry to hear that, Mike. Have you contacted DC Thomson about it? All four issues should be available together.

I don't buy Commando but I *think* my local Smiths usually has all four.

Mike said...

Usually, all four are shipped. But rarely in equal quantities. Often, twice as many of one issue than another. And once or twice a year, an issue goes AWOL. And that's at every branch of Smiths in the town. For several years in a row, an issue went missing in the Christmas week.

No, I've not contacted Thomson, because they don't do back issues, as far as I know. I fall back on eBay, when I've got a credit card.

No football in the Beano this week? Scots didn't think we'd last so long, eh?

Lew Stringer said...

I haven't had chance to go into town to buy this week's Beano yet but The Dandy Annual 2019, just published, has a long World Cup story (and cover).

Sorry, I meant contact Thomsons to let them know there are distribution problems. There should be equal numbers of all four published and distributed, I would think. Maybe some are being left behind in the warehouse by inattentive distributors.

PhilEdBoyce said...

That Ian Kennedy cover for High Risk Rescue is glorious, absolutely gorgeous. It's almost photo-quality stuff. The man never ceases to amaze!

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