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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

PEDANTIC STAN mini-comic to debut at LFCC

The London Film and Comic Con is this weekend, I'm one of the many comics guests who'll be there... and I'm bringing along a new comic featuring a character from the past.

Pedantic Stan, The Comics Fan was created by John Freeman and myself back in 1990 and appeared in the comics news magazine Speakeasy every month. It's never been reprinted so now I've gathered all the stories together (plus a special one that appeared in the UKCAC 1990 con booklet) as an A5 landscape mini-comic. 
The 16 page comic will be exclusively available from my table at LFCC over the weekend for £2.00 After that, you'll be able to buy it from my online shop next week (and from other comic cons I attend this year). 
Pedantic Stan, The Comic Fan is, as you've no doubt guessed, a strip that pokes fun of a certain type of fan... sometimes gently, sometimes not. John Freeman came up with the concept, originally calling him Captain Pedant, but I suggested Pedantic Stan as a more suitable name. John wrote the early strips, with me drawing them, and I took over script and art after a few months. 
I remember that John and I had fun creating the strips so I'm pleased to bring Stan back for a new audience (and also for those who remembered him from 28 years ago). 
The London Film and Comic Con takes place at Olympia for three full days: Friday 27th July until Sunday 29th July. There's a huge guest list of actors, comics creators, and more including Dan Slott, Peter Capaldi, Sarah Pichelli, Rachael Stott, Nigel Parkinson, David Lloyd, Mike Collins, Jason Momoa, Tom Baker and many, many more. 

You'll find me at table 29 on the first floor, in the comics area, alongside fellow Beano contributors Emily McGorman-Bruce, Nigel Parkinson, and more.  I'll be bringing along my other comics too, such as Combat Colin and Derek the Troll. (Combat Colin No.3 isn't ready yet but it will be out in mid August or early September.) I'll also be drawing sketches on request. 

Panel discussions:
The schedule so far is that I'll be on a panel on Friday afternoon at 2.00PM called Creating Worlds For Children, with Jess Bradley, Yasmin Sheikh, Grant Perkins, and Emily McGorman-Bruce. 

Then on Sunday, at 4.00PM, I'll be on a panel celebrating 80 years of The Beano with Nigel Parkinson, Emily McGorman-Bruce, and Danny Pearson. 

If you're coming along to LFCC, drop by my table to say hello (and buy a comic and/or a sketch if you're interested), and I hope you can make it to the panel discussions too.

For more info on the event, see the convention site at this link:


Richard Sheaf said...

sign me up for a mini-comic (can't make LFCC, sorry), woo-hoo!

Lew Stringer said...

They'll be available to buy online in about a week's time, Richard. Don't worry; there'll be plenty left. :)

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Ah bugger, I'm regretting deciding not to work it this year now!

Lew Stringer said...

I was wondering if you'd be there, Ryan. It'll be available from my shop next week anyway, with postage cheaper than tube fare! :)

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Yeah, it's a bugger - it just meant I'd be going to London for three consecutive weekends, which'd definitely burn me out...

I'll be ordering one from the shop anyway once they're available :)

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Ryan!

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