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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Brickman Returns has SOLD OUT!

Brickman Returns has SOLD OUT! I have the handful remaining shown here to meet existing orders but I've just deleted it from my online shop as there's no more left. 

Launched at ICE 2015 (back in September 2015) Brickman Returns collected together all the Brickman pages I'd done as back-up strips to Image Comics' Elephantmen. It swiftly sold out of its first print run and went to a second printing.
Launch day, 5th September 2015 at ICE 2015 in Birmingham.

I'm not sure whether to do a third printing yet, or maybe combine it with Brickman Begins as 'The Complete Brickman'. Or just the best bits from Begins and all of Returns as simply 'Brickman'.

I'll think on it for a few months, but in the meantime I need to press on with Combat Colin No.3, which I'm now hoping to have ready in October. 

Thanks to all of you who bought Brickman Returns for making it a success!


Mike said...

I've pondered your dilemma, Lew, and feel you should include all of Brickman Begins, including the bonus filler donated by your previous patron, and Brickman Returns, in a leather-bound, slip-cased limited edition hardback. Include a couple of dozen pages of original artwork to entice the completist, and an artprint of Brickman & Tina en coitus, in the style of Wally Wood.

Launch it at the How-or-Why book festival. This will ensure you an interview on Newsnight Review with Kirsty Wark.
Wark: Your graphic narrative features a man running around in his underwear, throwing bricks at people. Is this a satirical comment on the past forty years of neoliberal and neoconservative politics?
Stringer: No, he was hit on the head by a brick.

Lew Stringer said...

Yep, that'll do. :D

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