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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Ken Reid books: Last chance to get your slipcased edition!

The chance to order the limited slipcased edition of The Power Pack of Ken Reid ends on September 9th so if you want the books with the sturdy slipcase to protect them you need to go to the Indiegogo site here:

After Sept. 9th, the books will still be available but without the slipcase. If you want to buy the individual books (or both) you can purchase them here:

I've gushed about how good these books are in previous posts but it's worth mentioning again that they really are quite astounding. The publisher, Irmantas Povilaika, has done an excellent job with restoring the artwork to superb clarity, even for the finer lines of Ken's work. Pages that were once printed in muddy colours on 1960s newsprint have been cleaned up to sharp greyscale and black and white on quality matt paper. For example...

Ken Reid was of course always head and shoulders above his contemporaries. So much so that it's often unfair to compare other humour artists to him. Judging the work on its own merits, I've always felt that his 1960s material was the highpoint of his distinguished career so it's wonderful that these strips are finally back in print half a century after their original publication.

If, like me, you read these strips as a child you'll want to own them again. If you're a Ken Reid fan who discovered his work after they appeared, this is the creme de la creme of his work. If you're unfamiliar with Ken's strips, these books will blow your mind. Either way; don't miss out! They're worth every penny. 

By the way, don't forget to follow Irmantas' Kazoop! blog which features some rare Ken Reid material that didn't make it into the books!

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