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Saturday, September 08, 2018

New issue of VIZ is out now!

I haven't given much attention to Viz on this blog recently, and other sites tend to ignore it so here's a plug for the latest issue. 

One can't underestimate the achievements of Viz comic. It'll be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year, and not many titles have reached that milestone. In the 1990s it influenced far too many imitators to remember, and saw off every one of them. Viz became so popular it was selling over a million copies an issue, and being passed around at universities and in the pubs so that it was being read by many more. 

Some may dislike its vulgarity, missing the point of its sharp satire, but its longevity has to be admired. Published every five weeks, Viz remains the top selling comic in the UK outside of a few nursery titles.

The latest issue kicks off with another superb cover by Simon Thorp and includes 8 Ace, Gilbert Ratchett, The Real Ale Twats, The Bacons, and much more from creators such as Davey Jones, Tom Paterson, Alex Collier and others. 

Let's keep supporting this national institution, and spread the word that, yes, Viz is still being published, and is still worth every penny. 

Viz No.279, 52 pages, £3.50. In shops now. 
Official website:

1 comment:

Mike said...

Hysterically funny. And capable of great pathos. Which is the Holy Grail of comedy. Something Jim Davidson lacks.

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