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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Reviews policy

I'm still way behind with reviews of comics sent to me so I've decided it's time for changes. 

This blog was never intended to be a review site. My intent was to focus on old comics, plug comics by myself and friends, and throw in a few other things as I felt like it. However, over time I've felt somewhat pressured to try and please too many people who expect me to review their comics. I'm sorry, but I simply don't have the spare time to cover everything. (And people I've never heard of who send me PR out of the blue headed FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE go straight into the bin). 

I'm not a journalist. This blog is something I do in my spare time, and after writing/drawing all day the last thing I sometimes want to do with my spare time is sit at a computer again to blog. If you want your comic given publicity you'd be better off sending it to John Freeman at Down the Tubes as his remit covers a wider range than mine and his blog is intended as a news site. There's no point in Blimey! covering exactly the same news/reviews as Down the Tubes. Sometimes we will cover the same news items but it's pointless us both mirroring each other all the time. John is a proper comics journalist, so he's the man to send your stuff to.

I'll get around to reviewing the comics I've been given, and my apologies to Robert, Dan, John, and the rest for the delay. I'll also continue to promote Rebellion's material, Commando, and other selected comics (including my own), but I just don't have the time to cover everything, sorry. 

1 comment:

James Golbey said...

Plus you do some drawing occasionally, Lew, don't you? :)

Fair enough, I reckon

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