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Sunday, September 23, 2018

New comics event for Scotland

A new event for fans of British comics is coming to Scotland! Long-time UK comics enthusiast Colin Noble is the man behind Legend, the British Comics Minimart, in Lochore, Fife, on September 29th and 30th.

"Lochore is one of the Benarty mining villages that is still trying to find their way after the demise of the mining industry in Fife", says Colin. 

"Nothing exciting about yet another comics event you would say, but this is slightly different as the dealers and stall holders are only bringing their British comic stock.  This will be the biggest massing of British comics in over 10 years as the early 2000s used to see 1000s of British comics at the Glasgow comic marts and the National Hotel marts in Russell Square, London." Colin continued.

"As their popularity began to wane, fewer and fewer dealers would bring any British comics to any event.  Which is where we are now with even one dealer bringing a box of British comics to an event being hailed as a major find for a British comics collector."

It certainly sounds promising, and there'll be guests too! 
"As I play fair with people, I am going to hopefully see the biggest meeting of Commando comic contributors since Keith Robson’s retirement do!" announced Colin.  

"Those that have agreed to attend are Ian Kennedy (Sunday only), David Alexander (McBam Brothers, Electric Soup) and Graeme Neil Reid (2000AD, Commando).  Pop ins might include Colin MacNeil (Starblazer, 2000AD, Warhammer, Megazine) and Ferg Handley (Commando, Football PSM).  If I am really lucky some of the comic creators who live in Fife might pop in such as Gary Erskine, (Dan Dare, Star Wars, 2000AD, DC, Dark Horse and Image) Andrew Christine and Roger Kettle (Wizard, Nutty, Beau Peep, A Man Called Horace, Andy Capp) amongst others"

Colin is making sure that Legend is affordable to all. "I have watched how expensive events have become over the years so the event is priced to be enjoyed by all with adults being charged £1 and any U-16 getting in free.  Comics will be for sale with prices ranging from 50 pence to how much!  It also helps that Lochore is free parking so a family can come down, go to the local Meadows Country Park and then come back to the Comics Mart.  Alternatively, the family could drop off the family nerd, go do the shopping or anything else without being moaned at and then collect a happy geek with an armful of comics that they never knew existed!"

It's a bit too far North for me to travel but it sounds like an ideal event for the many fans of UK comics who live in Scotland! Here's the details…

Legend Britrish Comics Minimart,
September 29th and 30th 2018
Lochore Miners Welfare Social Club
Open 12 - 5pm. 

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