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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Commando comics in the shops now

Here's the info on the latest batch of Commando comics that are out today.

5155: Home of Heroes: The Pact

Havildar Dilawar Khan, a sergeant in the Indian Army, pushed the Type 100 flamethrower away from his face, its flames licking at him and the Japanese soldier as they fought for control.

But Dilawar had something more than survival to fight for, he had a duty to protect his unit and the pact he had made…

| Story |Heath Ackley | Art | Manuel Benet | Cover | Manuel Benet |

5156: Gold Collection: Sea-Strike

Stan Turner of Air-sea rescue had a really dicey job, snatching ditched pilots from the hungry English Channel… sometimes under the very muzzles of the guns on the enemy coast. Then there was always the dangerous trip back to base, dodging shells and bullets as the launch leapt over the waves to bring its precious cargo safely home.

But one dark night, Stan was ordered out on a very different task. His cargo, a bunch of tough Commandos. His mission, to attempt what no other Air-sea rescue launch had ever dared.

| Story | R. A. Montague | Art | DS Gomez | Cover| Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 560 (June 1971). Reprinted No. 1539 (September 1981).

5157: Action and Adventure: Agents at War

SD Standartenfuhrer Rudi Reinstein smiled to himself, thinking he had just duped a dumb American into being a spy for the Nazi cause. But as he reached into his unusually light briefcase and found underwear in the place of his important Nazi documents, he realised it was him who had been duped!

And so the race was on to catch agents, Ben Hawkins and Doris Blythe, before they escaped Poland!

 | Story | George Low | Art | Morhain and Rezzonico | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

5158: Silver Collection: The Cutting Edge

THE PLACE – The Atlantic Ocean.
THE TIME – 1944-45. The Second World War.
THE RIVALS – Cousins. One a sailor and one an airman.
THE TARGETS – German U-Boats. As many as they could sink in their own ways.
THE PRIZE – A mighty claymore which had been in the family for generations.
Now follow the actions of these two men on the cutting edge of the war against U-boats!

| Story | Roger Sanderson | Art | Olivera | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 2864 (March, 1995).

1 comment:

Robert Carnegie said...

The episode with the Nazi without his expected briefings seems risque for this series while also contradicting the title, "Commando". Hmm - did I bring this up before?

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