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Saturday, May 18, 2019

PSYCHO GRAN returns again!

Psycho Gran was created by writer/artist David Leach way back in 1987 for Oink! comic and appeared on and off throughout its run. She then rested for years before returning in the charity comic Spirit of Hope in 2011, then in digital comic Aces Weekly in 2012, and her own digital comics published by Titan. 

Since then the octogenarian avenger has appeared in two issues of Psycho Gran Versus in full page illustrations, but now she's back in comic strip form in the first issue of Psycho Gran Comic Capers Cavalcade
The full colour 36 page A4 comic features Psycho Gran at her finest, in a collection of short stories where she enacts her own brand of justice to people who quite frankly deserve it. It often ventures into the absurd and surreal because anything can happen in this world! It's full of David Leach's over the top comic violence and is funny stuff indeed. A fine showcase of David's talents as a writer and cartoonist. 
People have been clamouring for more British comics so go for it! To buy a copy you can message David Leach directly for details at the Psycho Gran Facebook page:

...or you can contact the publisher Dead Universe Comics:

...or buy directly from David Leach at the comics conventions he attends. (He'll be at Macc-Pow! on Saturday 22nd June:


Robert Carnegie said...

Script by W Shakespeare?? (with cuts for modern sensibilities - gosh, witches were awful in Tudor times.)

PhilEdBoyce said...

I have this too but haven't had a chance to read it yet, really looking forward to getting stuck in and writing it up myself. David's strips are always worth it!

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