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Friday, March 07, 2014

Comic Review reveals news of returning DC Thomson heroes

Today's issue of the weekly digital magazine Comic Review has revealed that several classic DC Thomson adventure strips are to be revived by modern-day creators. 

With permission from DC Thomson, members of the Glasgow League of Writers have updated yesterday's heroes for a new readership. The initial strips to be revived are Invisible Dick (simply abridged to Invisible), The Smasher (the giant robot, not the naughty kid), Scarlet Star, Johnny Jett, and General Jumbo.

Each story has been written as a four part arc, and the first episodes of each strip will appear in upcoming issues of Comic Review. "Glasgow itself has been the stomping ground for giants of the industry today," said group spokesperson Gary Chudleigh, "with the likes of Frank Quitely, Mark Millar and Grant Morrison all hailing from this creative little hub. Our ambition is to be the next wave of creators and DC Thomson along with Comic Review has given us our surfboard. Guess we'd better get paddlin'."

You can find out more in Comic Review No.6, which is available for 99p when you download the Comic Heroes app. (Or free, if you subscribe to Comic Heroes.)

Comic Review is a 30 page weekly comics news magazine published every Friday afternoon which focuses mainly on American comics, with bonus content in the form of movie trailers and preview pages of the comics being reviewed. Well worth 99p. More info here:

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