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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Internet's gone BANANAS...

...over the news that broke yesterday about the Bananaman movie! 

Here's the official website:

Elstree Studios are involved. Speculation on the Internet is rife. Will it be live action or CGI? Who's in it? How far will it divert from the comics? 

And will it guest star Bananaman's niece Bananagirl, who was in the Super School strip I used to do for The Beano? (Probably not, but as everyone else is reporting the news with an image of Bananaman I thought I'd feature Bananagirl on my post instead.) 

All I know about the project is what's on the official website, which is practically nothing. Looks like we'll have to wait and see.

Bananaman originated in Nutty comic, moved over to The Dandy, and now resides in The Beano every week. Let's hope this news brings the comic new readers. (Next Beano is out tomorrow, priced £2.)


James Spiring said...

Thanks to Huffington Post, we now know that it's live action.

Manic Man said...

Huffington Post is a trustworthy source now? ^_^ Always felt the Daily Squib was a more trustworthy source..

of course.. If the film is based on the 2010 version, people will moan, based on the nutty version, people will moan.. Based on the 'Rocketed from Moon' origin, people will moan, if Appleman is a villain, people will moan, if he is a hero, people will moan.. I think people like to moan..

Personally.. Just make a hand drawn cartoon and voice it be the goodies and I'll be pretty much happy ^_^

Lew Stringer said...

The usual procedure on the Internet is for people to imagine what the film might be like, then get angry about their own speculations before the cameras have even rolled. That's always entertaining to see. :)

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