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COMMANDO 4723 to 4726 out today!

Issue 4735 cover art by Carlos Pino
My thanks to DC Thomson for the latest info and cover images for the new Commando comics. Here's the details...

Commando Issues 4723-4726 – On Sale July 17th 2014

Commando No 4723 – To Vimy…To Victory?
On the morning of the 28 June 1914 two pistol shots fired in a Sarajevo street had plunged the world into war and pitched men of all nations against one another.
   Three years later, more and more soldiers were being dragged into the churning stalemate of the Western Front. Men from half a world away from France came to fight over her muddy battlefields,
   This is the story of one of them, Canadian Rick Strang.


   As a tribute to those who served during the years 1914-1918 — on the Home Front or at Front Line — Commando has produced a series of stories of characters caught up in the tumult of the First World War. None of them are real people but we’d like to think that the experiences they have will not be a million miles from what actually happened to so many.
   Last month, tanks and flamethrowers were the perils our heroes faced. Now it is the very ground itself — from the mud to the ridge which dominated the battlefield. Added to this the Germans introduced shock troops — the Stormtroopers — who wrought havoc wherever they fought.
   I hope you enjoy this and the other stories in the series as much as we have.

Calum Laird, Commando Editor

The series continues in four weeks with The Miners Of Messines, Commando No 4731

Story: George Low
Art: Keith Page
Cover: Ian Kennedy

Commando No 4724 – Dog Fight!

“Tally-Ho! Bandits!” That was the battle-cry of the British fighter pilot — the words the hunters in Spitfires shouted over their radio telephones when they had spotted German raiders.
   That famous battle-cry meant that a dogfight was only a couple of heart beats away — and there was glory and medals to be won…and death to be faced.
   “Tally-Ho! Bandits!”


   I think it’ll be safe to say that most of you reading this will never have flown a Spitfire nor indeed gone to war. So we aren’t in a position to judge how a real pilot in a real dogfight is going to react. However, having read this tale of battles above the ground (and, indeed, on it) you can’t help but feel it has the smack of authenticity and that makes it believable.
   As well as that, though, it’s principally a good story given form by some very harsh black-and-white work by artist Sostres. His high-contrast work suits the black-and-white world that fighter pilots inhabited, where decisions had to be made in an instant…and acted upon.
   The drama starts with Ken Barr’s stricken pilot cover and doesn’t let up until the last page. Just like the real thing.

Calum Laird, Commando Editor

Dog Fight!, originally Commando No 110 (March 1964), re-issued as No 627 (March 1972)

Story: Kellie
Art: Sostres
Cover: Ken Barr

Commando No 4725 – Samurai Ace

“Tally-Ho! Bandits!” These might not have been the exact words on the lips of Lieutenant Azuma Takata’s lips when he threw his Nakajima Ki-43 fighter into a dogfight but the spirit of the warrior within him was exactly the same as that which drove the RAF men whose battle-cry it was.
   What he never imagined that he would have to turn that fighting spirit against his own side to prove he was indeed a…

Story: George Low
Art: Carlos Pino
Cover: Carlos Pino

Commando No 4726 – Ace Versus Ace

The two pilots were equally matched, both veterans of many vicious battles, both respected as the best in their squadrons.
   But in a duel to the death someone has to be the loser…


With Ace Versus Ace we’re straight into a rollicking, classic Commando air story. However — with an apology in advance for this spoiler — things swiftly change tack and then we’re straight into a rollicking, classic Commando desert story! That’s the beauty of our 63-page format — the space to develop and steer a tale into a different direction if need be.
   And, without a doubt, Messrs Gregg, Jorge and Bevan are all on top here with some fine words and pictures for you to enjoy.

Scott Montgomery, Commando Editor

Ace Versus Ace, originally Commando No 2282 (May 1989), re-issued as No 3843 (September 2005)

Story: Bernard Gregg
Art: J.M. Jorge
Cover: Jeff Bevan

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