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Friday, July 25, 2014

Tales from Gimbley collected

The 1980s was a very interesting time for British comics. There were a lot of new creators emerging with their own stripzines (or 'small press comics' as they're called now) and breaking into the comics industry. There was also a lively social scene thanks to the monthly meet-ups at the Westminster Comic Marts. (Although all the real fun took place at the end of the street at the Westminster Arms.)

One of those talented creators was Phil Elliott, who produced his own Tales of Gimbley mini-comics as well as drawing the strip for the comics anthology / Escape magazine. Now Phil has collected all of the Gimbley strips into one book, - In His Cups, a 184 page paperback (also available as a downloadable PDF).

Here's the info about the book:
In His Cups is a complete collection of Phil Elliott’s comic strip, Tales from Gimbley featuring the eponymous everyman, Dave Gimbley. Gimbley recounts tales from his youth including his one-night stand with the Mona Lisa; a fight to the death with a sumo wrestler; deconstructing a de stijl chair; being an integral member of a Performance Art piece; meeting the Holy Man and many other surreal, humorous and often poignant adventures.  

You can order a copy of the book directly from Lulu at this address: 

Phil's work has also appeared in Aces Weekly, The Real Ghostbusters, Power Rangers magazine and many other comics over the years. Visit his website here:

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