Tuesday, July 08, 2014

More Marvel relaunches for the UK

As reported here a few weeks ago, Panini UK's Marvel reprint monthlies are currently undergoing a relaunch. When the stories within the comics reach the 'Marvel NOW!' point (which instigated significant changes in the American originals), each title is being given a facelift and a renumbering at No.1.

The new first issues of Avengers Universe and The Mighty World of Marvel are in the shops now, and on July 17th Wolverine and Deadpool No.1 hits the stands. Two weeks later, on July 31st, a new volume of Essential X-Men begins.

This will only leave Marvel Legends with its original numbering for now, but that title reaches a significant point too, with No.100 published on July 24th. Marvel Legends will also be revamped in a few month's time, when its stories catch up to the Marvel NOW! issues.

All of these special issues have 100 pages for the usual price of £3.50 and are available from WH Smith, selected newsagents, and comic speciality shops. 


Anonymous said...

I've never liked the way these are called "Collector's Editions" on every issue - a Collector's Edition is usually reserved for a special issue of some kind, not every single issue ! Also the characters corner-box is a bit old hat these days - the U.S. Marvels dropped theirs years ago. And some of the faces in the corner-box look weird and plasticky such as Thor and Captain America. Apart from that though the Panini Marvels are really good quality and are clearly far more successful than their '70s counterparts - I assume that's because most of the competition has been annihilated and there are so few comics around these days.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, I'm sure that's part of it Colin. Although I think another reason is that superheroes are far more popular with British kids now thanks to the Marvel movies. Another reason, I think, is that these comics offer such good value for money by having 76 full colour pages for just over the price of one American comic. One thing that readers of the 1970s used to complain about was that the Marvel UK reprints were in black and white and only had 36 pages (for the same price as an American comic, more or less).

I think the 'Collector's Edition' thing was just a way to make them sound collectible for the benefit of newbies. Looks like it's being dropped now, although the corner box art remains, but with different art. (I always liked the idea of the corner box personally, but I do agree with you over those 'plasticky' looking head shots that Marvel Legends have used.)

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