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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Here comes MULTIVERSE!

Remember the days of the classic fanzines? Come to that, remember when Comics International was still being published? If you do you'll be pleased to hear that there's a brand new comic news and views magazine about to launch. It's title is Multiverse and issue one will debut at the London MCM Expo on October 29th - 31st but the free sampler issue (above) should be in comic shops soon.

The brains behind Multiverse are Mike Conroy and Barry Renshaw, who had been the editors of Comics International at the end of its run. I contacted Mike for more details of his latest project.

"Multiverse will have 48 pages plus covers for £2.50" said Mike. "It'll be full colour throughout but we'll run black and white artwork as and when appropriate."

Where will the new magazine be available? "We're distributing it ourselves but Diamond will also be taking copies so I'll be doing my utmost to ensure that most comic specialist shops have it in stock".

Although internet news sites have replaced many 'hard copy' comic magazines these days it's still welcome news that a new magazine such as Multiverse is being attempted. Personally I'd rather read a paper magazine than a website any day, but will fandom at large share that view? I hope so. Best of luck to Mike, Barry, and Multiverse! More news about this new venture soon.

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Tiniebras said...

For a moment there I thought this was a post about Morrison's upcoming Multiversity! I'm excited about a new fanzine, but £2.50 is gonna take some justifying.

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