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Saturday, October 09, 2010

The final Classics from the Comics

Here's an advance look at the cover to issue 175 of Classics from the Comics, on sale next week. Sadly this is the final issue of D.C. Thomson's long running reprint monthly and no similar title is currently planned to substitute it.

I understand that this issue actually advertises issue 176 for next month, so presumably the cancellation was a last minute decision made after issue 175 had shipped to the printers.

News of the comic ending was announced here last month following an e-mail announcement from the editor Garry Fraser. My thanks to Garry for sending me the cover previews over the past few months and for producing a fine comic. I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing him well for the future.

Classics from the Comics No.175 will be on sale on October 13th, priced £2.


Malky said...

I got my subs copy the other day and it does indeed talk about issue 176, even on the letters page the Ed chats freely about things happening next month (and beyond) so I was holding out for a miracle!

Hopefully they can convert what I have left in my sub to the new Dandy. (although I've still to convert my son who just wants to see his Beano faves!)

Gareth said...

If they can axe a comic so quickly once they can do it again. Who knows if next week's Beano will be there? Or Commando? The recession could bring frightening times for comics that only sell in small numbers. Will the Dandy even return after its hiatus?

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