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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sir Norman Wisdom 1915 - 2010

One of Britain's greatest comedy actors Sir Norman Wisdom has died aged 95. Obituaries and celebrations of his life and career are appearing all over the internet but I just wanted to pay a brief tribute to him here.

When I was a kid the films of Norman Wisdom were a joy to behold when they appeared on tv. They captured the spirit of the cheeky working class underdog, pitting Norman against authority figures and bullies to win the day in the finale. In that respect the films were like a British comic strip come to life, so it was only natural that a Norman Wisdom comic strip would appear in a weekly comic. Here's the second published strip from Radio Fun No.706, April 19th 1952, drawn by John Jukes:

The strip ran until the final issue in 1961, and also appeared in the Radio Fun Annuals.

My sincere condolences to Sir Norman's family and friends for their sad loss.

News item:


Official Sir Norman Wisdom website:


Eddie said...

Same here - I loved his films as a kid. Nice tribute

Anonymous said...

I grew up on Normans films my one regret i never got to meet the great man himself i still enjoy his films today aged 65 truly a great actor and comeadian he will be missed by any generation who see's his films god bless you norman for a life of laughter you gave us all rest in peace i can hear the angels laughing even now ,
truly a gentleman in every way god bless you


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