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Friday, November 05, 2010

Action Stations! Latest Commando releases

D.C. Thomson Editor Calum Laird has once again kindly provided details of the current issues of Commando now on sale. I'm pleased to see that one of them, Nightmare in Sibera, features Mike White on artwork in a brand new 64 page story and the quality is as high as ever.

Commando No 4339

Royal Navy Lieutenant Will Clemence was also looking forward to some much-needed home leave after three years service in Russia.
However Will, who always did things by the book, somehow found himself on an unexpected, dangerous mission, alongside a civilian. Jack Lampard was a maverick American journalist — who it seemed never did anything by the book!
Would Will survive this

Story: Ferg Handley

Art: Mike White

Cover Art: Mike White

Commando No 4340: RUSSIAN REVENGE

In 1940, medical student Vlad Rezky had only just managed to escape from German-occupied Vienna to America. The rest of his family weren’t so lucky, hunted down because of their Jewish ancestry. One day Vlad hoped to avenge their deaths on their killer, a ruthless Nazi officer.
Four years later Vlad, an interpreter for the US Army, was part of a delegation aboard a Soviet Lisunov Li2 transport, bound for the front line. Revenge was still on his mind but the cannon shells of a marauding Focke-Wulf FW190 looked likely to end his war, and his life, long before he set foot on the ground once more.

Story: Mac MacDonald

Art: Rezzonico

Cover Art: Ian Kennedy

Commando No 4341: PILOT FOR HIRE

Jake Bryson had fought in more dogfights than most. And he’d flown more types of fighter aircraft than most. He was a flying mercenary, selling his ace talents to the highest bidder.
Yes, he was in great demand all right, but the deal going down this time surprised even Jake…and that took some doing!

Story: Ian Clark

Art: José Maria Jorge

Cover Art: José Maria Jorge

Commando No 4342: FALSE GLORY

When Hitler’s armies invaded Russia in 1941, it seemed like a great adventure for many a German soldier and young Hans Moller was no exception. Gradually, though, as winter closed in and the Red Army showed a new stubborn determination, what had once been a glorious crusade became a bitter test of survival.
And, slowly but surely, Hans and his mates found themselves fighting not for glory, but for their very lives!

Story: Ian Clark

Art: Benet

Cover Art: Benet

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