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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's the Christmas Viz!

Is this the first of 2010's Christmas comics? The seasonal issue of Viz is out this week full of festive fun and even has the traditional snow on the logo. (Just in time for snow to hit the UK, according to forecasts.)

It's a 52 page issue as usual but there's also a free glossy full colour calendar for 2011 featuring The Ladies of Viz. If you've ever wanted Biffa's Mutha or Tasha Slappa's Mam on your wall, and you probably haven't, now's your chance!

The comic itself is packed with Christmas cackles and blasphemous mirth, including a Bottom Inspectors story by Davey Jones that's sure to enrage some Christians. And why not? Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without at least one of them reminding us that it's a time for serious holy introspection. (Which is more or less what The Bottom Inspectors are all about ironically.)

There's also a bumper four page Jack Black's Victorian Christmas Adventure superbly drawn by Simon Ecob, Floppy Dick The Totally Clueless Porn Star by Paul Palmer, and a Pathetic Sharks story by me. Here's a preview:

There's a pillowcase full of other strips and features too of course, and these glad tidings of comfort and joy will only set you back £3.20. Fun for all the family, assuming all the family is over 18. (Except for those kids who secretly read it behind the school bike sheds.)


Unknown said...

Hi Lewis. I've been looking for an old Pathetic Sharks story I've lost, where they go shopping in Oxford Street. I love the deadpan line "I'm all covered in plops. And wee." Is there any way to get a copy? Thanks.

Lew Stringer said...

I don't remember that particular story, Al. Was it one of mine? I've only kept the issues I contributed to.

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