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Thursday, September 18, 2014

New look for Marvel Legends in October

Next month, Marvel Legends becomes the last of Panini's six Marvel Collectors' Editions titles to be revamped with a Marvel Now! branding. Following its sister publications such as The Mighty World of Marvel and Avengers Universe, the comic will restart with a new No.1 and have a slight redesign including a new logo. 

Marvel Legends (which I've always considered to be the modern equivalent of Odhams' Fantastic) features individual stories of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America and this line-up continues in the new look issue. It will be an ideal 'jumping on point' for new and lapsed readers as the first issue begins new story arcs for all three strips. 

The last issue in the current series, No.102 (shown below) is in shops now, and the new Marvel Legends No.1 goes on sale on October 16th, still at £3.50.


Anonymous said...

The new look is a big improvement but they are still using those unattractive faces in the corner box - they should have dumped those too, in fact dump the whole corner box - it's such old hat these days.

Lew Stringer said...

I suppose it's possible the head shots will be different in the published version as Iron Man will have different armour with issue 1 and Thor's helmet design is changing. I don't mind head shots but I don't like the airbrushed ones Marvel Legends has been using as they're just taken from Marvel brand designs seen on lots of merchandise. (Candy sticks etc.)

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