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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Art by Lise Myhre.
Rather than dig up a Halloween strip from a British comic, I thought I'd do something different this year. I'm a bit pushed for time as I have quite a few deadlines over the next few days so for this quick blog post, here's the cover of Nemi No.151, the Halloween issue that is on sale in Norway right now. 

As many of you will know, Nemi is the creation of Norwegian cartoonist Lise Myhre and has been running in newspapers over there since 1997. Egmont Norway also publish book collections of the strips. (The daily strip used to run in the Metro newspaper in the UK.)

The monthly Nemi comic, which recently celebrated 150 issues, is a really nice 44 page publication featuring Nemi strips by Lise, plus other material such as contemporary syndicated newspaper strips. (Collections of U.S. newspaper strips are a big thing in Norway.) It's a pity there's not a UK edition because we're missing out on a really good humour comic anthology. That said, at least we did have four hardback Nemi books several years ago, courtesy of Titan Books.

Anyway, I hope my Norwegian friends enjoy the latest issue of Nemi! The rest of us can only dream of what might have been if a British publisher had taken it up.

The official Nemi Facebook page:

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