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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

PSYCHO GRAN returns today!

As regular followers of modern comics know, there are more opportunities for creators and publishers to reach their audience these days rather than relying on the expense and hassle of newsstand distribution. One avenue is digital comics, enabling readers to access comics immediately without a so much as a trip to the shops. Today, the much anticipated second issue of David Leach's Psycho Gran went live for anyone across the world to download to their device. 

Psycho Gran originated in Oink! comic 30 years ago when David was at the start of his comics career, but these stories are of a more recent vintage and are fine examples of a cartoonist at the top of his game. The strips originally appeared in Aces Weekly over the last few years and are now collected into one convenient package. 

Who is Psycho Gran? We never know her back story and we don't need to. She's an unstoppable force of vengeance with seemingly unlimited powers to enact short but sweet justice on those that deserve it, from burglars to pushy cyclists. In real life, Psycho Gran would make the world a better place. She certainly makes the world of comics a better place. 

Published by Titan Comics, Psycho Gran No.2 is available to download NOW from Comixology and Amazon. Here are the links. Don't disappoint her by not buying it.

To buy from ComiXology, click HERE.

To buy from Amazon, click HERE.

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