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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Review: Wired Up Wrong

Rachael Smith is one of the best new cartoonists to have emerged onto the scene in recent times. I reviewed her graphic novel House Party a while ago and I'll be reviewing her other works soon, but today I'm focusing on Rachael's latest book, Wired Up Wrong.

Although a slim book of 40 pages, Wired Up Wrong has more depth than a year's run of some comics. I'm not always keen on autobiographical comics, but I found this book so engaging that I'd read it soon after it arrived in the post. Basically, it's a series of full page strips that deal with Rachael's encounters with depression. Now, don't let that give you the impression the strips are bleak and despondent. Far from it. Rachael's natural talents give her anecdotes both humour and sensitivity and offer us an insight into her life in a warm and thoughtful manner. 

Depression used to be such a stigma in society, and to some it still is, so Wired Up Wrong is a very worthwhile and, yes, important book that will help people understand its effects. 

I'm also a big fan of Rachael's art. Her composition, linework, and colour sense are superb. She's mastered drawing expressions and body language so well too, which compliment her scripts.

For those who wonder where British comics are now, I can tell you; they're in a good place, covering various themes like this with a maturity that the comics of decades ago never had. Wired Up Wrong is a good example of how diverse comics can be, tackling its subject in an interesting and compassionate way. 

Don't just take my word for it. Buy a copy for yourselves directly from the artist:

Visit Rachael's website to see more of her brilliant work:

1 comment:

Manic Man said...

depression isn't quit the stigma it used to be, but at time there is along way to go. people think just cause you seam to smile at times and can joke, that there is no way you can be depressed.. or people when they are feeling a little bad moan 'Oh i'm so depressed' right next to you which... can lead to you (sometimes) getting a bit down on that thinking "you don't know what depression is"..

It looks like a good comic, and I can REALLY relate to the Cat having been a Cat owner all my life. and that's a pretty good price.. Can't buy right now because, ontop of everything else, I've had my credit card details stolen somehow ¬_¬ luckly it was caught in time before the money went out.. I guess the kinda people that what to shop on 'Nike'.com are like that ¬_¬;

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