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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Christmas TOXIC is here

It's a very festive foil bag for Toxic magazine this week as it contains the Christmas issue. There are a few festive features inside, although unfortunately I didn't know this was going to be the Christmas issue so my Team Toxic story contains not a flake of snow or one sprig of holly. (But I hope you'll enjoy it anyway!) In fairness, the other strips in the issue don't have a seasonal flavour either, so perhaps we were all unprepared this year.
However, the strip in the following issue (which will be on sale 21st December) will have a Christmas and New Year theme, so I'll show you a preview of that at a later date. 

Back to the current issue, which, along with a 40 page Toxic mag, contains no less than six gifts including two "Battle Blasters" and trading cards for Marvel and Minecraft. 
Toxic No.281, out now from Egmont UK. £4.99


James Spiring said...

Next one is out before Christmas, therefore the next one should've been the Christmas issue. I'm not surprised you got caught out. How long ago did you turn in next month's Team Toxic? Seems to me they should've have switched it with this month's.

Lew Stringer said...

This issue had already gone to press by the time I did the following one. Strange as it seems, it makes sense for this one to be the Christmas issue as the idea is for it to be a stocking filler, so the longer it's on sale before Christmas the better. The next one will only be out a few days before Christmas, then another two weeks after. Hopefully my combined Christmas / New Year theme story will fit in nicely.

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