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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Codename WARLORD returns this month!

Big news from D.C. Thomson today. The character Peter Flint, Codename: Warlord is to return in brand new stories in Commando comic. Flint originally appeared in the war weekly Warlord back in 1974. Warlord is recognised as a groundbreaking title which began the dynamic revitalisation of boys' comics, leading to Battle Picture Weekly, Action, and 2000AD
Warlord No.1 from 1974.
Here's the full information from the D.C. Thomson Press Release...

Codename Warlord returns in the pages of Commando.

Commando presents Codename Warlord, the return of beloved character Lord Peter Flint to comic pages for the first time in over twenty years.

Published since 1961 by DC Thomson Media, Commando is Britain's longest-running war comic, with over five thousands issues to its name. Unlike other DC Thomson titles, Commando has persevered almost unchanged since its first issues but now, something new comes to its pocket sized, black and white interiors pages. 

Reminiscent of other DC Thomson mergers of the past; Bullet merging with Warlord, and Warlord merging with The Victor, Warlord comes to Commando pages, kicking off with the Britain's top secret agent, Lord Peter Flint,

Last published in 1986, Lord Peter Flint headlined many issues of Warlord, from comics to codes, from letter pages to merchandise and a secret agent club,

His latest interpretation is from prolific Commando writer, lain Mclaughlin who has over twenty-five Commando issues, including two series, to his name in less than two years. McLaughlin, who was a diehard fan of Flint growing up, tackles the Warlord spy with ease. He says:

"The first issue of Warlord came out on a week when I was off school with a stinker of a cold. My dad bought me this new comic to cheer me up a bit - and also so he could read it himself. I read that issue of Warlord and I was hooked. After that, I read every issue for the next six or seven years. A huge part of what kept me reading was Codename Warlord with Lord Peter Flint. He was part James Bond, part Scarlet Pimpernel and completely brilliant. The scripts and the art came together to tell wonderful, gripping stories that stick in the memory even to this day. When I was asked to come up with ideas to bring Lord Peter Flint to the pages of Commando I leaped at the chance. Flint is a fantastic character with so much potential for the kind of fantastic adventure stories Commando is famous for. I hope the readers have as much fun reading Flint's return as I had writing it,"

What's more, artist Manuel Benet was also a fan of Codename Warlord, and was delighted to take the mantle on, saying "[Flint] is a hero l would like to work on" when he was offered the job of depicting the spy. His work is topped off with an amazing wraparound cover by lan Kennedy, who also did some of the original covers for Warlord in its heyday.

Lord Peter Flint is just the first in a series of characters from the archive to be brought back in the pages of Commando by DC Thomson's Heritage Comics - but we're afraid that information is top secret... coded messages to follow.

Commando lssues 5255 'Codename Warlord' and 5263 'Codename Warlord: Ship of Fools' are out 22nd August and 19th September in select WHSmith stores or digitally via the Comixology or Readly apps. Alternatively orders can be placed by emailing

5255: Home of Heroes: Codename Warlord

Story: lain Mclaughlin 
Art: Manuel Benet 
Cover: lan Kennedy 

5255: Home of Heroes: Codename Warlord: Ship of Fools

Story: lain Mclaughlin 
Art: Manuel Benet 
Cover: Manuel Benet 

The press pack from D.C. Thomson came with these great reproductions of the original Warlord Secret Agent Code Book, Identity Card, and Badge, all based on the 1970s originals...


David said...

I still have my 'Warlord Secret Agent' stuff.

Lew Stringer said...

I never joined, not being a fan of the comic, but it was a nice surprise to be sent these facsimiles.

SID said...

A dream come true. I am hoping that this will open the door to other old strips.

SID said...

Last night, I read Gordon Tait's interview on the DownTheTubes site. I never realised that DCT had a Heritage Comics brand.

He sounds very enthusiastic about bringing back other strips (even mentions that he would like Starblazer to return - so would I). Also heartening that he is a fan of Rebellion's Treasury of British Comics.

Definitely looking forward to getting/reading the two up coming Lord Peter Flint strips.

SID said...

Well, I got my latest Commando sub and read Codename Warlord. A really enjoyable read. Really James Bond in World War II stuff.

Can't wait for more. :)

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