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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Dandy: the clues are out there... or are they?

Speculation continues to mount on the nature of the revamped Dandy which will be published on October 27th. There are several clues strewn about the internet but it's a case of piecing them together. Even so, some are red herrings. (No, that's not a clue. Or is it?)

One strip that is going to appear in the comic is George vs Dragon by talented newcomer Andy Fanton. That's a preview pic above. You can find out more at Andy's website:

Then there are clues on Nigel Parkinson's blog of course, for those who know how to look, as anti-comics crusader Doc Wertham once said:

There will be more info about The Dandy released soon. You'll hear about it, don't worry. Perhaps the equivalent of Avon ladies will knock at your door to sell you a copy? Perhaps a reconditioned ice cream van will be chiming its way around your area, stuffed with Dandies? (No, not Russell Brand or Jon Pertwee's Doctor Who.) Or perhaps it'll just be some people on the telly telling Daybreak all about it? Who knows? Not me.

Whatever happens, let's hope it doesn't create the outrage that the last revamp did:

Things ain't wot they used to be. And they're about to change again. Hold on, the boat's about to be rocked. ;-)


Niblet said...

"Things ain't wot they used to be"

I've cracked it - there's going to be a Max Bygraves strip.

alexander matthews said...

Hi Lew, Here's another clue..

Fanton said...

Thank you for the mention, and the kind words, Lew!

Exciting (and less mysterious) times ahead!

spleenal said...

I don't know if you've seen the sample thing, if you have you'll know no one's going to be outraged.

My only negative response to it was one of jealousy when I saw what Nigel Parkinson was doing.

Nigel A

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