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Monday, April 16, 2012

Power Rangers return to the UK this week

A new Power Rangers comic hits the shelves of UK newsagents this week when Power Rangers Samurai makes it's debut on Thursday 19th April, published by Panini UK.

Although the new magazine will contain comic strip adventures they're not originated in the UK unfortunately but are translated reprint from German publisher Blue Ocean. The activity pages and suchlike are UK originated though, and John Charles drew some new illustrations of the bad guys.
Here's the official press release:

Panini UK is pleased to announce the launch of Power Rangers Magazine, which will be hitting the shelves on 19th April 2012. This 4 weekly magazine is based on the popular tv series currently showing on the Nickelodeon Channel. Aimed at boys aged 4-7yrs, this 36-page publication is available at all major retail outlets across the UK.

The new Power Rangers magazine will bring all the action and adventure to life through comic strips, colouring, puzzles, activities and easy-to-read facts. Every Power Ranger fan will be powering their way to the shops to enjoy the latest adventures of their favourite “morphing” superheroes.

The magazine launch is supported with on air TV advertising on Nickelodeon, online media sites and has secured significant promotional space and exposure in all major retail groups and Independents.

Title Details
Launch date – Thursday 19th April 2012
Target age group – 4 -7 yrs boys
Cover price - £2.99
Cover-gift – Free Disk shooter and Stickers
Format – 297 x 210mm.
Frequency – 4 weekly.
Distributor - Marketforce  


Recently Panini UK also revived the ThunderCats comic and the second issue of that will also be out this Thursday. (ThunderCats Magazine features brand new UK originated comic strip.) You can read more about that here

1 comment:

Stephen Parry said...

I'm a man in my thirties, so Power Rangers was never really aimed at me, I guess. However, did see a Power Rangers movie recently and I have to admit it was enjoyable.

I may pick up the first issue for a young member of the family as he likes reading comics and books. Just glad to see another comic on UK shelves, I wish it success.

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