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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Commando Nos. 4507 to 4510

A great cover painting by Ian Kennedy to lead off the previews of the four Commando comics that go on sale Thursday 21st June (or today, if you're lucky). Thanks again to Calum Laird at DC Thomson for supplying the info...

Commando No 4507 — The Spy Catchers

Espionage is as much a part of warfare as infantry or artillery. Knowing what your enemy is planning is a great help when it comes to stopping him. But all the time you’re watching him, he’s watching you, isn’t he?
   Which is why you need spy catchers, men who will sniff out the spies and neutralise them.
   British Army lorry-driver Arnie Kershaw loved to read about the adventures of such men…but even he never dreamt for a moment that he’d be caught up in their activities for real.

Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Olivera
Cover: Ian Kennedy

Commando No 4508 — The Voyage Of HMS Onion Wagon

How did a motley crew of British and New Zealand sailors end up on a British Army Bedford lorry in the desert? How did a routine operation so very quickly go wrong and become an unexpected voyage into danger?
   Hop aboard HMS Onion Wagon and find out!

Story: Peter Grehan
Art: Vila
Cover: Ian Kennedy


Commando No 4509 — Cold Steel

Ten Desperate Men…
Armed to the teeth, they slipped and slithered from the hull of a submarine into a wave-battered rubber dinghy.
   A grim cargo of trouble on a life-or-death mission.
   Ten desperate men who were destined to become…
…Ten dauntless heroes
Secret, dangerous, well-nigh impossible missions have been firm favourites with Commando readers (and editors) since the earliest days. The title was less than a year old when Gordon Livingstone’s trademark art gave life to ten men on the deadliest of missions. (The ten-man mission is another theme that’s been visited and re-visited over the years without getting stale.) Author Kenner’s tale sets the men at their officer’s throat from the off…as soon as they settle with the Nazis he’s likely to be next.

All that AND Ken Barr’s menacing cover? What a bargain for a shilling!

Cold Steel originally Commando No 22 (April 1962)

Story: Kenner
Art: Gordon Livingstone
Cover: Ken Barr

Commando No 4510 — Freedom — Or Death!

To a Gurkha soldier honour is all important, and young Lal had a very important debt of honour to settle with his officer, Lieutenant Archie Cameron. So when the two men were captured by the Japs and sent to different POW camps, Lal was determined to free Archie. There was only one snag, though. First he had to get free himself!


As young readers, whenever my brothers or I started to read a jungle-based Commando book we always hoped it would feature Gurkha soldiers. There was always something just so…for want of a better word, cool about those stoic, loyal and deadly efficient fighting men from Nepal, armed with their iconic, curved Kukri blades. And I was always glad that they fought on our side. Even twenty-five years after this great jungle tale was first published, I still feel the same way about the amazing Gurkhas.

Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

Freedom — Or Death, originally Commando No 2062 (February 1987)

Story: Bill Fear
Art: Keith Shone
Cover: Jeff Bevan

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