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Monday, April 25, 2016

Aces! COMBAT COLIN is back today!

The latest edition of online comic Aces Weekly has just gone live and it contains a brand new exclusive Combat Colin three-pager by me. This time ol' bobble hat is pitched against his best friend, Semi-Automatic Steve! What's going on? To read the whole story, sign up for Aces Weekly and see the strip in Volume 21, issue 7.

Only £6.99 for a seven issue volume. Buy it through Paypal!  Use any card!  Grab any of the great Previous Volumes or get right on board the currently-running volume with an ongoing subscription for JUST £1 - or just over a dollar or a Euro - per week!  A new issue of Aces Weekly is uploaded every Monday night. Each volume consists of 7 weekly parts, and then future volumes right on after, till they run out of great comics (unlikely ).  As soon as you hear via email that your payment's been accepted - usually no longer than 5 minutes - you can log in with your chosen password and get Aces Weekly on your tablet, laptop, desktop, or SMART TV!

Each issue consists of six stories, and I'm pleased that Marc Jackson is on board this latest issue too with a new delightfully daft Duckless story! Don't miss it!

This is the fourth new Combat Colin story I've done for Aces Weekly. You can read about the previous ones here:

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