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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Retro cover for Johnny Red No.6

Titan Comics' Johnny Red No.6 will be in comic shops this Wednesday with a fantastic cover by Mick McMahon. The cover had originally been advertised bearing the comic's usual logo (see below) but it's now been given a retro makeover to make it look like an old issue of Battle-Action

You can see a preview of a few pages from this issue by Garth Ennis and Keith Burns over at the Comic Book Recourses website here:

Johnny Red No.6 (of 8), in comics speciality shops on Wednesday 6th April. 


Red shadow said...

Mike only did one cover for BATTLE if I recall correctly.

It's a cover with a close up of a group of British tommies with a stick grenade landing right by the faces looking suitably panicked.

The tag blurb for the issue placed right on the end of the explosive is something like, WARNING SMOKING SERIOUSLY DAMAGES YOUR HEALTH.

Unknown said...

Mike McMahon's regular stripwork is much missed, but it's great to see a retro-cover like this from him. The version with the dog-eared effects only add to the charm, IMHO! It'd be nice to see more new comics try the effect- I'm all for the glossy ones, but the matt paper stock (even if just an a visual affection) somehow retains a certain immediacy and tactility, however illusory, that I think I'll always prefer.

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