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Sunday, July 10, 2016

DANGER MOUSE is coming! On sale 20th July

Updated: Who says British comics are dead? The latest title from D.C. Thomson is on its way and will be in shops on Wednesday 20th July. Danger Mouse Magazine is a new monthly featuring comic strips and features based on the popular TV series. Subscriptions are already available at the D.C. Thomson Shop at this link:

There's been little information forthcoming so far but I know that Alex Collier (of Viz comic) has written scripts for the comic strip in the mag. I've no idea who is illustrating it but it looks pretty slick and should please fans of the character. 

Look out for Danger Mouse Magazine next week! 


Manic Man said...

shame it's based on the modern Danger Mouse (of course it is) and not the older one.. and well. it kinda isn't there first Magazine cover but oh well.

still interesting. Though I might be happier personally to stick with my old annuals and story books. might be bothered ^_^

Through I do kinda wonder.. D.C. Thompson can expand with Show based comics.. they turned the Dandy into.. a bit more of a Show based Comic at times.. the Annuals which I think don't use that format are working well enough.. do they have any interest in trying to bring it back.. maybe not but I do think they MIGHT be in a position where they can try.. has it been long enough to remove any negative image that built up (and led to it being cancelled) but enough that it's still a known name? I think maybe..

Lew Stringer said...

You mean like a TV Comic / Look-In type anthology? Not likely now I'm afraid, as TV companies these days prefer each show to have its own magazine. Bear in mind that publishers compete against each other to get the licence to to a mag based on a show, so the company that owns the property is more likely to grant it to a publisher that puts their product front and centre, rather than just being part of an anthology comic of various shows.

I doubt The Dandy will return as an ongoing comic. It had a good run of 75 years though. The closest we might get is if a Desperate Dan cartoon series happened (and I must stress I'm just speculating here), then perhaps a Desperate Dan comic mag would be considered. But there's nothing like that on the horizon as far as I know.

Stephen Parry said...

What a great cover!

Very eye-catching. I can imagine any kid, particularly one who has watched the recent cartoon, would want to pick that up. As a kid, I always liked comics that had a mixture of strips, features and puzzles.

Good luck to this one. :)

Lew Stringer said...

I've just been informed that issue 1 will be in shops on Wednesday 20th July.

James Spiring said...

If Dan got his own cartoon, I think that would probably just be his cue to join The Beano. Even Dennis the Menace couldn't support his own title, hence it's retooling as Epic.

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