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Monday, July 25, 2016

Johnny Red ends, Hookjaw begins!

The delayed eighth and final issue of Titan's Johnny Red mini-series is now scheduled to be published on 3rd August, with a spectacular wraparound cover by Keith Burns. Then, in December, Titan Comics launch an all-new Hookjaw series, written by Si Spurrier and drawn by Conor Boyle, inspired by the popular strip that appeared in Action weekly 40 years ago. 
Cover from the Multiversity Comics website.

More info on the five issue Hookjaw mini-series can be read on the Multiversity Comics website here:


Big D said...

I've been enjoying the Johnny Red series so this is great news.

Hook Jaw? Blimey. I hope they keep that one well away from the kiddies.

Lew Stringer said...

It'll only be available from comic shops so I doubt many very young children will see it. Also, I'm guessing it'll be labeled mature readers.

SID said...

This is great news. I was never a big fan of Johnny Red but Hookjaw - well that's a different story. He was one of reasons why I bought the now defunct Strip Magazine. :)

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