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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Review: Spaceship Away No.39

Every issue of Spaceship Away is always a worthwhile read and this edition is spectacular. Published three times a year, the latest issue is packed with material that's sure to appeal to fans of classic Dan Dare and 'space' comics in general. 

The all-new adventures of the original Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future continue with new episodes of Parsecular Tales and Mercury Revenant, both written and illustrated by Tim Booth. Fantastically detailed work capturing the spirit and look of the old Eagle strips. However, as I've said before, with a three month gap between issues the serials really need a 'Story so far' box, on page two if not on the strips themselves. I'm afraid I've lost track of the plot and don't have time to re-read the previous 23 episodes. 

A 'new' Jet Morgan serial begins in this issue by Charles Chilton and Ferdinado Tacconi; edited and re-lettered reprints from the 1950s. 

There's also episode five of Nick Hazard and the Planet of Doom; a classic by Ron Turner, newly coloured by Martin Baines. Plus the return of the humour strip Davy Rocket. (Sadly uncredited. Why?)

Spaceship Away also has a generous number of superbly illustrated features and this issue really spoils us with an interview with Ian Kennedy on his 1980s Dan Dare work. There's also Eagle's coverage of the space race, and classic Dan Dare artist Greta Tomlinson talking about her life and work. There's a few other bits and bobs too, such as a new back page illustration by Don Harley and a wonderful brand new centrespread painting by Ian Kennedy (easily worth the cover price alone).

Spaceship Away is an essential read for anyone interested in Dan Dare, classic UK comics, and aficionados of great comic art. So that's everyone reading this blog then! You can order a copy directly from the publisher at this link:

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