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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


One of the best new British comics of the year is Anno Dracula: 1895 Seven Days in Mayhem, a five-issue mini-series published by London's Titan Comics. The comic is a spin-off of the Anno Dracula novels by Kim Newman, and as Newman is also the writer of the comic it's fair to say it's definitely canon. 

Here's the synopsis:
It is 1895. Prince Dracula has ruled Great Britain for ten years, spreading vampirism through every level of society.
On the eve of Dracula’s Jubilee, radical forces gather to oppose the tyrant. Kate Reed, vampire journalist and free-thinker, takes a seat on the revolutionary Council of Seven Days, though she learns that the anarchist group harbours a traitor in its midst.
The Grey Men, Dracula’s dreaded secret police, have been ordered to quash all resistance to the rule of the arch-vampire.

With intrigue on all sides, the scene is set for an explosive addition to the Anno Dracula series.

The artwork by Paul McCaffrey and colourist Kevin Enhart is absolutely stunning. Here's a preview of the first few pages of issue No.1...

The first three issues are already out and are worth tracking down. Issue four is scheduled for June. Digital copies are also available to buy via ComiXology.

Issue 2.

Issue 3.

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