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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Comics for the bonfire!

Whizzer and Chips, 1969. Art by Mike Lacey.
If you've followed this blog for years, or have browsed old posts in the sidebar, you may have seen these covers before but I thought I'd post them in one post this year for November 5th. Various firework-themed covers from the past, in the days when such a thing was an accepted norm for British comics. (Note: All covers are scanned from the physical comics in my collection.) Click on each image to see it full size. 
Wham! 1964. Art by Leo Baxendale.

Wham! 1965. Art by Leo Baxendale.

Back cover to 1965 Wham! by Leo Baxendale.

Wham! 1966 Art by Mike Lacey.

Back cover to 1966 Wham by Mike Lacey.
Wham! 1967 Art by Mike Lacey.

Back cover to 1967 Wham! by Mike Lacey.

Dandy 1951. Art by James Crighton.

Dandy, 1964. Art by Charles Grigg.

Beano 1964. Art by Dudley Watkins.

Beano 1966. Art by Dudley Watkins.

TV Fun 1954. Art by Arthur Martin.

Valiant 1965. Art by Mike Western.

Pow! 1967. Compilation art from strips inside.

Buster 1968. Art by Angel Nadal.
Back cover to 1968 Buster. Art by Angel Nadal.
Cor!! 1970. Art usually by Alf Saporito but this looks like Tony Goffe's work to me.

Wishing you all a safe November 5th!


Kevin Larkin said...

I like the artwork on Buster's Dream World... it has a European look to it. I managed to get some Buster comics in a charity shop recently (five for £1!) and that artwork was what drew me to them.
The Tiddlers are fun too. I'd like to see a collection of them!

Colin Brown said...

What a great compilation. Thanks Lew.

Lew Stringer said...

Nadal was Spanish, Kevin, so that accounts for the European look.

I think a collection of Tiddlers strips would be great too, but I don't think such a book is on the horizon yet. One day maybe!

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