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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Out now! SNIPER ELITE: RESISTANCE graphic novel

The three-issue Sniper Elite: Resistance mini series, recently published by Rebellion, has been collected into a graphic novel that is available from this week. 

Rebellion are really dominating the UK comics market these days, with their superb line of books collecting classic British strips, their numerous 2000AD graphic novels, the Vigilant and Scream and Misty specials, the excitingly new Roy of the Rovers books, and of course the ongoing 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine titles. Sniper Elite: Resistance was very interesting in that it was sold in newsagents, proving that it is possible to convince WH Smith to stock a mini series. Let's hope more brand new comics follow suit next year!

Sniper Elite is also interesting in that it's a damn good story, and well illustrated. Sporting the old Battle logo as an imprint, it's a worthy modern day successor to that well-loved comic.

CREATIVE TEAM: Keith Richardson (w) Patrick Goddard (a) Quinton Winter (c) Jim Campbell (l)
RELEASE DATE: 29th November (UK) 27th November (US)
PAPERBACK, 98 pages
PRICE: £12.99 (UK) $16.99 (US)
ISBN: 9781781086599

Spinning out of the world-wide smash video game series, Sniper Elite, the legendary sniper for the Special Operations Executive, Karl Fairburne, must parachute into occupied France on a mission to destroy a secret weapon, but instead of a silent mission of sabotage he finds the local resistance compromised and the SS waiting to play a deadly game of cat and mouse in the terrified streets of an ancient town.

Available in print from: 2000 AD webshop, book stores, Amazon, and comic book stores via Diamond.

Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop & apps for iPadAndroid and Windows 10

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