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Saturday, November 03, 2018

Firework fun in JOKER (1934)

Publishers are very cautious about showing fireworks in comics these days. In fact they rarely appear, and certainly never depicted in the reckless way they were shown in comics of the past. Here's an issue of The Joker from 1934 showing firework fun in its most carefree (some might say irresponsible) glory! - and, yes, it was printed on green paper.

The cover strip, Alfie the Air Tramp, is drawn by John Jukes, one of the many artists of the time encouraged to imitate the style of Roy Wilson to give the Amalgamated Press comics a certain look.

Here's a few strips from inside the issue...
Art by Harry Banger?

Art by Arthur Martin I believe.

Art by Albert Pease?
Apologies for the Dickie Duffer strip having a centre crease. This comic is part of a bound set so unfortunately the art in the centre pages is partly lost in the spine. 

Wishing you all a safe time if you're out celebrating Bonfire Night over the weekend, and please show consideration for people's pets, - many of which are traumatised by the loud bangs. 


Peter Gray said...

Baby and fireworks thrown in fireplace!! lol

Love Albert Peases work and the cover the flying tramp!! :)
Just been to Stoke Park firework show you do have to be a kid at heart to enjoy them...two adults left early saying its not like it was 20 years ago who was hooked on his mobile...glad they went early I enjoyed it...I never grew up in some ways! Keep the old comic posts coming...I love reading them

Irmantas said...

Off-topic, but looking at the cover strip, I can‘t help noticing that Brian Walker imitated the older masters like Roy Wilson and John Jukes in his early IPC work. The faces of many of his characters in Wizards Anonymous (Shiver & Shake) seem to be copied from those strips of the ‘30s.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, Brian was definitely inspired by those old strips. There's a strong element of Roy Wilson!s style in Robert Nixon's work too.

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