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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Commando goes horror for Halloween!

Breaking news from D.C. Thomson....

Releasing in time for Halloween, Commando is bringing a new menace to its pages, the Nazi zombie horde! 
The fear is very real in Issue 5277, ‘Commandos vs Zombies’! This spine-tingling story features a team of commandos facing off against the walking dead for real this time — no hallucinations, mistaken identities, or G-Tex simulations this time!

Commandos Leo and Lionel are best friends fighting side by side as part of an elite commando squad. But a seemingly routine raid on a Norwegian heavy water plant puts their friendship to the test when they come face to face with the only thing more dangerous than Nazis, Nazi zombies!

The creepy Commando story is written by Georgia Standen Battle, who some readers may remember as the uncanny mind behind the almost-as-eerie Commando issue 5229 ‘Shadow in the Storm!’, the first Commando by a female writer in over 30 years. Battle has also been trusted with bringing classic Warlord hero ‘Union Jack Jackson’ to the pages of Commando in an upcoming adventure, so keep your eyes peeled for news on that release coming very soon!

The creeping cadavers and desperate commandos are brought back to life in vivid detail by long time Commando artist, Vicente Alcazar, and features some of Commando’s most ambitious art including inset panels, full-page bleeds, and double-page spreads!
Owners of Heritage Comics’ release ‘The Art of Ian Kennedy’ were given a sneak peek at the cover of this issue long before its release. The legendary Ian Kennedy’s finalised artwork sits on the cover of ‘Commandos vs Zombies’ in all its gory glory.

Issue 5277 ‘Commandos vs Zombies’ will be available to buy from WHSmith stores or digitally on Comixology, Page Suite, Readly, and on Amazon Kindle from late October. 


SID said...

Thanks, Lew. Looking for it coming through my letter box.

SID said...

Got and read it. Loved the story and the artwork. Excellently done and one for my collection.

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