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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Out now! WHERE'S GNASHER? New book by Laura Howell

Published today is a brand new book from the Beano entitled Where's Gnasher? A fantastic activity book in the tradition of "Where's Wally", it features 14 double page spreads crammed with characters and the reader has to find Gnasher (and others) amongst the chaos. 

It's illustrated by current Minnie the Minx artist Laura Howell who has put an incredible amount of work into the art. Laura showed me some of her original art when she was working on it and she really has put a lot into this project. 

So, not a comic as such but a good fun book in the tradition of Albert Pease's Casey Court and Leo Baxendale's busy Banana Bunch pages. On sale now from booksellers or online stockists.


Manic Man said...

That does look pretty good. Without saying too much to rubbish some people who... erm.. kinda don't deserve it but at the same time, kinda do.. I kind gave up on most search and find books and found some modern ones (mostly when licensed brands) just really cheat with a lot of copy/past art with a bit of minor recolouring.. kinda shows you just HOW great the earlier ones were.. to see Laura Howell, a pretty good modern day artist still taking this level of care and detail is fantastic. She deserves a lot of credit for that ^_^

Kevin Larkin said...

Nice to see some old characters in there, like Grandpa and Tom, Dick, and Sally. And the pensioners at the river in the park!!!

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