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Monday, October 28, 2019

Only a few days to go to pledge to the ROK THE GOD Kickstarter project

The clock is ticking and there's only a few days until the Rok the God Kickstarter project ends. It needs to reach its target on Friday 1st November! It's close... but still needs more pledges.

Rok the God is the sequel to the highly enjoyable Rok of the Reds, one of my favourite British comics of recent years. The saga of the alien who takes over the body of a footballer had traditional UK comic elements to it sure to appeal to fans of comics both classic and new. 

It's written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, illustrated by Dan Cornwell and coloured by Abigail Bulmer, so you know you're if for a top class comic! Rok of the Reds was published as a six issue mini-series, but the idea is to publish the sequel as a complete graphic novel... and that requires a lot of money up front, hence the Kickstarter.   

Interested? Then head over to the link below to choose an option and pledge your money today!

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