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Friday, November 22, 2019

Here comes CORKER!

A new British comic on the newsstands? Yep, in the form of Corker! a 24 page pull-out comic in the latest issue of Comic Scene magazine. 

Corker! has a new cover by Marc Jackson (who also provides the Whackoman comic strip on the back page) and contains three long strips; Gallant and Amos by Rob Barnes, Slash Moron by Bambos Georgiou, the late James Hansen, and coloured by John Burns, and MegaAtomic Battle Rabbit by Stu Perrins and Israel Huretas. 

There are also strips in Comic Scene itself, such as reprints of Rok of the Reds and Lady Flintlock

A good showcase for modern indie talent, Comic Scene No.10 is in WH Smiths and comic shops now, or you can subscribe at this link:

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